Delivery and Trucking

We offer delivery on all of our products for flat fees (within 10 miles) based on the truck required. for more information or to schedule a delivery call us at: 715-832-2325

Delivery on the flat bed                                             $150.00

Delivery on the flatbed (customer unloads)              $110.00

Delivery on the tri-axle (up to 13 yards of rock)        $100.00

Delivery on the 4300 (up to 6 yards rock)                 $75.00

Delivery on the Mulch Machine (up to 3 yards rock) $50.00

Additional mileage over 10 miles (up to 50 miles)     $6.00

Pickup fee on returns                                                $250.00

Deliver and place Boulders                                       $250.00
          (Basic Charge within 10 miles, up to 1 hour of placement time)